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Come and learn the simple and yet profound way of energy healing


I invite you to come and experience for yourself the simple and profound methods of Qi(chee)Gong healing.

Through mindful breathing and gentle restorative movements of Qigong, you can help your own body to Heal itself.

Integrating Body and  Emotions in the Cosmic flow of Energy

  • Qigong Healing exercise

  • Breathwork to help Healing

  • Sound therapy healing

An afternoon lasting around 3 hours and will truly help you relax, and rejuvenate and reset your energy system, your emotions and your physical body.

Experience the simple and profound experience of Qigong and open the bodies energy system to recieive the power of the Soundbath, crystal bowls, shruti box, koshi, rain sticks, gongs, chimes and so much more.

Experience meditation along with all of the above and take a new  experience for your body, and mind and soul.

With Qigong the sound bath experience goes deeper in the body in a shorter period of time allowing the healing process to accelerate.

Upcoming Workshops

2 Day retreat in Anam Croi House in Mayo April 1st and 2nd (Fully Booked)

 3  Day retreat Glendalough Sanctuary July 7,8,9  (fully booked)

Come and enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat and switch off from the world and de-stress your body, mind and soul.

Through 20 years of clinical practice and 40 years of Martial Arts training you are in good hands for assistance in your healing journey,

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A Unique Approach

Coming up our next retreat is in the beautiful county Wicklow.

The famous healing area of Glendalough,such a magical area in Ireland.

The retreat starts on Friday evening and goes through until 5pm on Sunday.

A fully immersive experience with full food and accommodation all included.

If you need a break away and with added benefits of learning tools to help you build a strong healthy body, relax the busy mind,and free your spirit to allow you to shine and be free to live the  best version of your life.

Meditation and sound baths and relaxing mindful walks with training in Qigong the Ancient healing system of China.

10 places  only on this retreat giving plenty of one to one attention.

Come and experience the unique retreat and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with a whole new enthusiasm for life.

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A guaranteed magical, relaxing experience like no other with the combination of Qigong,meditation and soundbath.

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Friday nights for 4 weeks beginning on the 3rd of March, you get the opportunity to totally De-Stress, relax and Heal your body using the primordial sounds of the crystal bowls, koshi, rain sticks, gongs, shruti box, camertons and many more sound instruments.

A mesmerizing experience that will leave you totally chilled and in a blissful state.

Come along and feel the vibes on a Friday night. 

4 week slots and 10 spaces available.

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Qigong students

Through your classes it’s activating the Qi within us. 

My life is better with qigong in it. 

I can live what looks on the surface a ‘fine life’ but my life is all the more richer and fuller with Qi gong. Qigong makes the ordinary experiences - extraordinary. Raises sensitivity and stirs an ocean wave of deep peace ☮️within 

The tsunami takes place in the inside 

Deirdre Mulligan 

Mental, emotional: more energy and life, tasks became easier and lighter and life became more easy and enjoyable. New ideas and ways of living everyday.

                     Tom Carter Ireland

 Brings awareness to a different area, whether it be the slow consistent movements of balancing the 3 Dan Tiens or the breath work; simply being present : simple - but not an easy task to master.

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Buddha Statue
Buddhist Monk Meditating
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Come and experience meditation in Mullingar, weekly classes of 4 week blocks.

Introduction foundation series in meditation and meditative practices.

What is meditation?

Why meditate?

The benefits?

The nervous system and how meditation effects it.

Relaxation response techniques.

Breathwork practice.

Book your place on the next course!

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My mission is to share a simple system of healing with as many individuals as possible. I try to keep the teachings accessible and understandable for all to step on the journey of Qigong. If you wish to change your health and wellbeing then try Qigong and see how a simple daily practices can change your life.

Healing Workshops: Mission


I have studied many different types of Martial Arts and Qigong and Healing methods over the last 39 years.

I have had the pleasure of meeting and training with many Masters.

My current Master is Mr Anthony Monteith and I have trained personally one to one with him for many years.

Through his teachings and guidance and support I share the life changing gifts of Qigong. 

I have a weekly practice at my studio and clinic in Mullingar County Westmeath, and now in 2022 I will take Qigong on tour around Ireland and beyond.

I look forward to meeting you along the path of discovery.

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