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Are you looking for help with Colic & Reflux relief for your baby. Reality is 90% of all babies that come to me for help have been C-section babies.

There are the few that are normal delivery but usually there has been a difficult delivery involved here.

There are a number of issues that lead to your baby not settling and not feeding and giving problems with bowel movement etc.

  1. Spinal alignment is altered during the delivery causing many problems with your baby.

  2. The diaphragm is stuck and not moving properly to assist in the digestion process.

  3. The cranial system is not in balance causing distress on your little baby.

  4. Immature digestive system causing feeding problems and uptake of nutrition.

I can help through Kinesiology testing, to find out if your baby has a structure problem, a nutritional issue or maybe even shock or stress caused during pregnancy or delivery.

Also using gentle palpation techniques I can check if the tension is correct in your babies body, releasing pent up stress in the muscle and fascia system has remarkable outcomes, then we test for how everything is working energetically on the inside using a proven formula of Phytobiophysics flower essences.

All combined together with some healing provides that welcome relief your baby is crying out for.

Gentle non manipulative and effective simple solutions for babies.

Using a system of Osteospinal Integration Neuro-Structural Integration technique along with energy balance from Qigong healing, and a combination of formulas made up on the day if needed all lead to massive results for your precious one

Babies Head shape

  1. Does your babies head have the correct shape?

  2. Is your baby experiencing flat head on one side?

  3. Is baby resisting feeding on one side or the other?

  4. Does baby prefer to sleep with neck in one dominant direction?

All of these conditions can be helped at our clinic book you baby in now and watch the results happen.


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Heal Your Body



What is Podo-Rhacidian?

Podo-Rhacidian meaning foot spine is a unique Vertebral and Cranio-Sacral method of treating the structural system adjunctively to the Phytobiophysics® method.

Unlike most systems of structural therapy this was in fact devised to help the body eliminate toxicity. It is understood in the Phytobiophysics® method that the structural system is in fact pre-disposed to injury and abnormality when there is a blockage in the body's ability to eliminate a toxin or transmit information efficiently and that by assisting with the body's ability to eliminate/ transmit, that structural integrity will return to normal. Most systems of structural support emphasise merely the bio mechanistic and some to a lesser degree the nervous implications of abnormality, this approach does little more than treat the body as a machine and really only looks at the end result of abnormality rather than the cause. Of course there is some causal trauma which is purely physical and not toxic by nature and Podo-Rhacidian enables structural re-integration with this also. Thus with Podo-Rhacidian mobilisation therapy normal structural integrity becomes a side effect rather than its direct aim.

It is Cranio-Sacral only in the sense that it works on patterns the body creates that manifest structurally in the Cranium and equal opposite Sacrum. By working on these patterns through the Meridians and the Cranial nerves we can assist the body to eliminate toxins and enable a pattern of re-integration between the meridians, nerves and musculoskeletal system. The body will realign itself rapidly if this correct integration occurs, enabling improved function and reduced physical symptoms.



The primary remedial aspect of the Mossop Philosophy is by the use of the Vibrational energy of plants.
Using the vibration of plants for healing is not a new scientific approach. In fact it is timelessly old. For centuries it has been well understood that plants have an extremely important role in our lives. Not only do we live and survive by eating plants but also we use them to restore our bodies to health. It should come as no surprise that the energetic aspect of plants plays a vital role in ensuring healing on a profound and subtle level. This philosophy is an understanding of the inter-relationship between our souls and our being and the physical manifestations which often appear as symptoms of illness. People, when hurt on a very deep level, fall degenerative illness.
Many years of research have been conducted into matching the electro-magnetic frequencies of healthy cells to those of plants. Plant energy is captured as a memory by the traditional sun method. Thousands of tree nuts and seeds and plant and flower essences have been gathered from all over the world. By combining the frequencies of these thousands of essences, the twenty Phytobiophysics formulas and the ten Superfit Tree Formulas have been produced. They have been formulated to resonate on very precise and specific frequencies following the colour spectrum of the Rainbow.



Kinesiology is the foremost method used in the clinic to help find out the real cause of the problems presenting with each and every client.

From the youngest newborn to teens and adult, I will use kinesiology to get to the root cause of your presenting condition.

A technique which is an art in the right hands can lead to seemingly miraculous results once you follow the correct methods.

Through kinesiology testing I can find the best treatment and specific formulas for you or your child.

I can identify which is the correct foods to give your children and which nutritional areas need attention.

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