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Physical--Mental--Emotional--Spiritual Guidance

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The Healers Path

Welcome to the introductory course to "The Healers Path"

If you were unable to commit to the 6 month program, then this is the next step for you.

Join me for a 2 day introductory experience with the core concepts of "The Healers Path"

On the introductory days, I will give you the insights to the tools required to allow you to step up your energy system, physical, mental and emotional.

I will instruct you with the inside secrets of the following over 2 days.

3 hours of martial arts concepts for physical wellbeing.

3 hours of meditation tools for mental clarity and spiritual development.


3 Hours of Qigong training for energy system upgrade and build vital Qi energy with simple and effective tools.

3 Hours of integration and self healing tips to raise your vibration.

This course is ideal for those looking to start the journey on "The Healers Path" and for those doing healing work to stay in a high state of vibration so you can do your best work.

Investment for this 2 day course is €350, great value for what you are about to receive in terms of energy and knowledge and understanding.

Book your place now for the next training date. 

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Many people are in the Healing profession, yet still suffer with many problems themselves.

  • Do you feel drained after working with clients?

  • Is your energy strong enough to help others?

  • Do you suffer with similar conditions to your clients that you have not fully healed yet?

  • Is your body physically strong?

  • Is your energy for healing strong?

  • Is your mental emotional system in balance?

  • Do you work on your Spiritual development?

  • Would you like the opportunity to train your body to be the best version of you?

  • For those not working in the healing game,this training is also available to you.

  • You can enhance all ares of your life by completing this program.

  • Are you ready to walk "The Healers Path"

  • Ready to step on the Path?

  • Choose wisely my friends.....


  • Each week we will meet and you start to train your body, your energy,your mind and your spirit.

  • First we start with physical training from the martial arts to build a strong a mountain be immovable. like water keep your energy flowing and like the wind,caressing and gentle yet strong when needed.

  • Second we train your energy system to be in balance using tools from Qigong (Ancient Chinese Energy Healing System) Qigong is one of the most profound way to keep you healthy and give you longevity and a pain free life. With Qigong training it is possible to enhance anything you do. But do not be fooled it requires daily practice.

  • Then we train the mind with the use of positive self talk and unlearn the pre-conditioned learned behaviour you took on as a child. Most of how you behave as an adult comes from your childhood conditioning from ages 0-7. Understanding this allows you to tap into a way of clearing past habits,with the tools of Kinesiology.

  • Then through the medium of Meditation we bring forth our Spiritual connections and deepen our awareness and  our conscious connection to the higher self.

  • Why use this approach? The reason is it works! I have been in the healing profession for over 20 years and I have never missed a days work because I use all the above principles daily.I have also practiced martial arts for 40 years,which gives the discipline and resilience to face life's challenges.

  • To be able to live a life with vitality and purpose you must train all these areas of your being.

  • If you are a therapist you will have learned the knowledge for your therapy, but I guarantee no one taught you how to keep yourself well, through,physical,mental,emotional and spiritual methods.

  • Even if you are not a therapist I am sure you would agree it could be beneficial to learn how to have control and enhance your energy systems,clear your mind,and boost your connection to your higher self.


Classes are on in our Studio in Mullingar

  •   Mondays 7:30pm

  • Wednesday 7:30pm

Some weekend workshops appear from time to time.

Please note you must fully commit to this Path, if you miss a class, Unless for medical reasons, you will not be permitted back to the training.

This Path is for those who are serious about becoming the best version of themselves in order to be able to help others in the future.

The training will be over the course of 6 months. So make sure you can commit to this time and you will be so glad you did.

Remember if you do not sacrifice for what you want, what you want will become the sacrifice!

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