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Natural Healing

 Alan Kane, a trained Osteospinal Integration Practitioner,Osteopathic Muscle EnergyTechnique Diploma holder,Kinesiologist, Natural Energy Healer, Black Belt Martial Artist, 

Special interests in helping people to recover from Stress, Anxiety and Emotional pain.

Kinesiology is a powerful tool in helping people to find the root causes of the Emotional stresses hidden in the body causing many dysfunctions.

* Headaches


*Bladder problems

*Speech problems in children

*Unexplained pain in the body

*Learning difficulties

*ADD,ADHD,Dyslexia etc....

Treatment is available combining 17 years of Clinical practice with over 60,000 sessions completed.

Alan can help you recover from Back Pain, Neck Pain, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Digestive problems, Fertility issues and a speciallity is treating babies for Colic and Reflux.

Osteospinal Integration is unique in its approach using  Neurostructural Integration Soft Tissue Osteopathic style techniques & Kinesiology, combined with Qigong Natural Healing and Herbal remedies,

  Osteospinal Integration technique when applied to the body stimulates a rapid and profound reduction in pain while quickly increasing energy levels. Once applied, the typical response of the body to Osteospinal Integration is to deeply relax which is followed by a spontaneous self-correction (auto-regulation) The process of auto-regulation may take anywhere from one to five days to be fully complete after which the Osteospinal Integration system is applied for the second time. Depending on results achieved after the second application further sessions may or may not be necessary. Soft tissue osteopathy Statistically approximately 85% of individuals receiving NST report significant or total resolution of their health condition after 2-3 NST sessions.

Alan also uses primitive survival reflex testing and corrections to help with Dyslexia, Dysbraxia, ADD, ADHD and behavioural issues.

Alan Has has extensive experience in PODO Rhacidian therapy a cranio sacral system for fast recovery and correction of Cranial issues.

Alan is confident he can help you with your current Health Challenge.

Client's travel from Spain, Romania, Lithuania, Poland, and all across Ireland to be treated by Alan who is famous for his healing abilities

Alan appeared on national television as far back as 2005 demonstrating healing live on Television and since then has helped so many people to recover where there was no other options.

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