Your appointment is a learning experience, and tuning into your body’s innate wisdom requires a dedicated one-on-one approach. I offer customized treatments for your specific set of concerns that will get you feeling back to yourself and better than ever in no time. Get in touch with me today to see how I can create a personal plan for your specific needs.

Back Massage


Deep tissue massage therapy is available at Alan Kane's clinic with our resident therapist Alina Mitas.

Providing a professional massage therapy practice to help you restore balance to your stressed or injured body.

Many benefits from regular massage therapy, include speedy recovery from injury, relaxation, rejuvenation and overall a sense of wellbeing.

Alina is qualified in Deep Tissue Massage therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy and Thai Massage.

Deep tissue massage is designed to relieve pain and muscle tension throughout the body. This type of massage is extremely beneficial because it reaches the deepest layer of muscles, fascia (connective tissue surrounding the joints) and tendons. The goal in deep tissue massage is to breakdown adhesions (tense areas within the muscle). Adhesions in the muscle are very important to address because they cause pain, inflammation and limit motion of the muscles and joints.  

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🔹The only Thai massage in Mullingar. Get the experience of deepest relaxation and release from muscle tension.

🔹Thai massage has a long history of therapeutic healing. It was originally developed in Buddhist monasteries as a preventative health care method for the monks. It combines acupressure, assisted yoga postures and Ayurveda.

🔹Where traditional massage uses oil or lotion to rub out the muscles and joints of the body while the individual is resting nearly unclothed under a sheet on an elevated massage table, Thai massage is administered on a padded mat or futon on the floor, without any oil or lotion and while the individual remains fully clothed. In traditional massage, the therapist normally only uses their hands and arms to massage the individual. In Thai massage, the therapist uses their hands, knees, legs and feet in order to move the individual into a series of yoga postures while simultaneously applying muscle compression, joint mobilization and acupressure.

🔹Thai massage has the capacity to promote general health and well-being. It improves fluid circulation, digestion, breathing capacity, body posture, flexibility, as well as releasing nervous tension. It can cure a large number of pathologies such as lower back pain, headaches, digestive problems, stress, insomnia, nervous imbalance, neck and shoulder muscular tightness…and the list goes on…

Prices: 1 hour - €50; 90 mins - €70.

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🔥Hopi Ear Candling + Scalp Massage 👉 just 30 euro

👂🕯Hopi ear-candling is a wonderfully relaxing and beneficial treatment.👍 It can help with many conditions and problems associated with the ear, nose, throat, eyes and the entire head area.🧐 Hopi ear-candling is a non-invasive treatment.

Benefits of Hopi ear-candling:
✔️Treats tinnitus, compacted ear wax and glue ear
✔️Treats sore throats and hay fever
✔️Eases rhinitis and sinusitis
✔️Reduces catarrh and soothes asthma
✔️ It stimulates blood and energy flow
✔️It regulates pressure in ears and head
✔️ It aids relaxation in conditions of anxiety and stress
✔️ It stimulates the metabolism and lymphatic system
✔️ It eases headaches including migraines
✔️ Some clients have found having this therapy before flying helps with the side effects of jet lag

💆‍♀️Scalp Massage decreases stress and boost your mood.🤩 It increases blood circulation and therefore help hair follicles obtain the nutrients needed for hair growth and strength. 💁‍♀️Natural remedy for migranes and headaches. 🙆‍♀️One of the amazing relaxation methods.🌈🌞🌺