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Restore Optimum Health

Take the journey over 6 weeks to restore your body to Optimum Health, using Ancient principles for Modern times.

Testimonial from recent course attendee,,,,,,

It’s super helpful being guided through the movements. When you practice alone and come back and rewatch the video it’s like ‘yeah I missed that this time, yeah that’s a good one I’ll focus more on loosening my knee joints “... etc... 

each repetition awakens another aspect to focus on. Brings awareness to a different area, whether it be the slow consistent movements of balancing the 3 Dan Tiens or the breath work; simply being present : simple - but not an easy task to master.

Through your classes it’s activating the Qi within us. 

My life is better with qigong in it. 

I can live what looks on the surface a ‘fine life’ but my life is all the more richer and fuller with Qi gong. Qigong makes the ordinary experiences - extraordinary. Raises sensitivity and stirs an ocean wave of deep peace ☮️within 

The tsunami takes place in the inside 

Deirdre Mulligan 

Let me guide you with my experience of 38 years of Martial Arts, 20 Years in Alternative Medicine clinic practice and expert training in Qigong healing systems with Chinese, Korean and Irish Masters.

Recent testimonial from previous course attendee,,,,,,,,

I just want to say thank you so much for putting this 6 weeks of Qi Gong together. I got so much from it on many levels. It benefited me physically : felt my body connect as One unit in flow rather than parts ie. legs and upper body working together as one in movement so that walking became a new more enjoyable experience. Shoulders,back etc lost stress becoming looser, freer , helped my knee issues,felt stronger overall

Mental, emotional: more energy and life, tasks became easier and lighter and life became more easy and enjoyable. New ideas and ways of living everyday.

These are all bonuses as I took class initially to develop a daily practice/discipline which was always a challenge for me and that's working out went well first few weeks then having to make trips to deal with things challenged me . However I am aware chi there all the time and feeling it more and more and stronger and stronger lovely smile inducing experience. Tom Carter Ireland,

6 weeks of training to restore Optimum Health, Live Facebook training, private group, all for only 49€ for the full 6 weeks lessons.

Train with experienced tutor who has spent his last 20 years helping people in his clinic and martial arts school.

Online in the comfort of your own home, how does it get better than that !

Silent Worship and Meditation


An Ancient Science

Over the course of 6 weeks you get training live on a private Facebook group, with me Alan Kane. 

I will guide you through many healing restoration techniques to help you restore vitality, improve your flexibility, create a new vibrant energy system and help to improve sleep patterns.

All from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.

Learn to control your energy system through daily practice of simple yet profound movements.

Become the Master of your own health.

Start to release old patterns of pain and disharmony from your body.

Sign up today and take the 6 week journey to Optimised Health.

6 week online course, private Facebook group support and all only 49€ for this experience.



Balance Your Energy

Why choose to take this training?

1. Get rid of stress simply!

2. Improve your energy and vitality!

3. Reduce/ eliminate pain from your body!

4. Improve sleeping patterns!

5. Become more chilled out in your own space!

6. Start to enjoy life more!

7. Get a zest for living again.

8. Remove emotional blocks stopping you from being you!

9/ And more possibilities.............

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