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A Unique Approach

The MIND Clinic

Rory Hafford runs a specialized Psychotherapy Clinic, dedicated to the management of STRESS, ANXIETY and DEPRESSION; and a bit more besides!

The clinic also helps people deal with the big philosophical and emotional questions that plague us and leave us confused and unhappy at how our lives turned out.

Rory uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to get you thinking in a more positive and constructive way; and Existential Analysis to chip away at the ‘why me?’ doubts.

This rapid-fire therapy is rolled out over a 6-week period and concentrates on the following psychological techniques:

  • Being Present + Mindfulness: Tried and trusted techniques to help pull people away from creating their own catastrophic future and into a calmer present;

  • Body Scan Relaxation: A very direct and immediate way to ease the physical manifestations of stress and anxiety;

  • Thinking Straight: Changing thought process from automatic negative to automatic positive;

  • Acting ‘As If’: A technique designed to get the mind visualizing something more, something better;

  • Decentering: An Existential technique which, when mastered, allows you to simply step back from the worst excesses of stress, anxiety and/or depression;

  • Self-Acceptance and the Ego: Delving into Jungian Psychology to improve self-esteem through accepting and healing the buried self;

  • Dream Analysis: Tapping into the Sub-Conscious where help is needed to deal with ancient traumas;

  • Meaning: If you have meaning and purpose in your life you can battle through almost any setback. Here we focus on the psychology of Viktor Frankl.

All the above techniques are stitched into the standard psychotherapeutic approach of talking, listening, reflecting back, etc; which helps the person in therapy look at things in a new light.

Rory also has the added advantage of being able to use Clinical Acupuncture and Neuro-Muscular Physical Therapy to help get the mind right. Acupuncture and NMT are two powerful treatment modalities to help deal with the physical manifestations of emotional problems and can move treatment along at a pace if stagnation or stuck-ness presents as a barrier to recovery.

We can also help with the following:

  • Bereavement and loss

  • Abuse and trauma

  • Addiction

  • Feelings of suicide

  • Anger management

  • Difficulties in the workplace

  • Self-esteem and confidence

  • Intimacy issues

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