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Helping Children to cope in our Modern World

Change is possible, improvements are possible, help is at hand.

There are many ways to help your child ,their future can be great.



Natural Healing

Does your child have a problem with dyslexia, learning of any kind, comprehension, ADHD, or any of the modern day problems we see with children daily.

Are you looking for a holistic solution to help your child?

Are you looking for a solution that looks at your child from all angles?

Then you have found the right clinic.

Everyday we help children to cope and grow and become empowered with Kinesiology and Osteospinal Integration and Phytobiophysics.

1. Test and identify if brain switching is present.

2. Test for any energetic imbalances in the body.

3. Identify where support is needed.

4.Identify any possible food intolerances.

5. Identify any structural imbalances in you child's spinal system and cranial system.

6.Train the brain through specific exercises.

All of the above can really bring balance to your child.


Improve your chances

A combined approach to your child is what we do at our clinic.

Through muscle testing we identify issues of imbalance in the brain,like brain switching and lack of integration between right and left brain functions.

This allows us to identify the weakness in your child's system and gives us the ability to address it and correct it.

Through simple and effective balance procedures we can help your child to integrate his or her brain and improve learning.


Combined Approach

Utilizing Kinesiology brain balancing,with cranial balances, Nutrition and Intolerance tests, plus the support of tried and trusted supporting formulas we deliver a solution that has helped so many children to cope with the demands of modern day life.

Call us today to find out more, your child depends on you!